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Residency | Manor at Dahlewitz | Summer 2022

South of Berlin around 45 minutes by train from the central station, the manor of Dahlewitz is located on the edge of the town. Consisting of seven buildings on a plot of more than 18.000 m2 including a small forrest we will host our next residency. We are converting the manor of Dahlewitz into a temporary artist residence with studios and accommodation during the summer from April 15th, 2022 until October 15th, 2022.

Next to the award of studio space, the residency program includes bi-weekly mentored studio visits, artist presentations and talks. To cover the program costs a flat rate of 150€ per month is required. All studios are clean and dry, have daylight and are in a ready-to-work state. The studios are sometimes shared spaces and range between 25 and 150m2. Sanitary facilities exist in the residential building, while the listed old smithy is a communal area for cooking and spending time together. 

Terms can range between 1 and 6 months while all forms of art are welcomed. Artists have 24h access to the premises and are allowed to use the entire plot. At the end of the project, there will be a group exhibition of works created during the residency. 


  • Working condition: Studio / shared studio

  • Size: Between 25 - 50m2

  • Number of residency spots: 15

  • Accommodation: Possible

  • Art forms: All

  • Duration: 1 - 6 months

  • Fee: 150€ flat rate per month to cover the costs of the program (e.g., mentoring, renovation and remodeling costs, additional costs as heating, electricity, gas, irrigation and drainage, garbage disposal, insurance, among others)

  • Exhibition space: Yes

  • Exhibition: Yes

  • Artistic accompaniment: Marthe Howitz

  • Required documents: CV, portfolio, motivation letter

  • Deadline: over

  • Application to dennis[at]

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