Artist in Residence

The concept of our residency program is to reduce vacancies by making temporary studio spaces available for artistic purposes. 

Tackling the mismatch between vacant properties and the lack of space for art is the core of our programs. Depending on the property and its fittings, either studios for artistic development or even studios with temporary living space are available. In addition to new influences from working in often imposing buildings, the meeting and exchange of different artists is central in our programs.


Participating in our residency programs entitles the artist to use a studio space. Next to the award of studio space, the residency program includes bi-weekly mentored studio visits, artist presentations and talks. To cover the costs of the program (e.g., mentoring, renovation and remodeling costs, additional costs as heating, electricity, gas, irrigation and drainage, garbage disposal, insurance, among others) the artist has to pay a flat fee depending on the property.

At the end of a residency program, works originated during the residency will be presented to the public in a (group) exhibition and can be offered for sale. In order to sustainably support the artist on a longterm relationship the exhibited works can furthermore be included in our online gallery (and, if desired, works from his/her archive can become part of the gallery as well).


Residency | Manor at Dahlewitz | Summer 2022

Residency | Kaiserdamm Berlin | Winter 2021/22

Residency | Kaiserdamm Berlin | Summer 2022