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Madeleine Brunnmeier at Culterim | Backshop Gesundbrunnen

Madeleine Brunnmeier @ Culterim | Backshop

03 - 06 August, 2023, Culterim | Backshop

Opening: 03 August 2023, 6pm

Coming from a background in Visual Communication at Berlin University of the Arts, Madeleine Brunnmeier thrives in diverse artistic mediums like installation, video, photography, drawing, and sculpture— always responding to her current creative vision. Her artistic practice is characterized by her curiosity, keen attention to detail, and occasionally her subtle sense of humor.

Infused with the spirit of Backshop's space, her latest work embarks on a journey to uncover the nuanced intricacies of her own culture, playfully delving into the emotional grey areas of patriotism and the history of one fairly particular item of cultural heritage.

Opening Days:

03 August 2023 - 6pm - 10pm

04 August 2023 - view through window

05 August 2023 - view through window

06 August 2023 - view through window


Culterim | Gesundbrunnen | Backshop

Brunnenstraße 107, 13355 Berlin

Near S+U Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen

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