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Martyna Formella


Martyna Formella is a visual artist from Poland. In 2022 she graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk with a master degree in Painting and specialization in Ceramics. She is mostly focused on abstract painting though doesn't limit herself in other forms of expression such as poetry, ceramics or photography. She has already experienced living and working in art gallery in Porto, making a scenography in theater in Gdansk and being a resident of Kolonia Artystow in Gdansk (2021-2023) while she made a series of large scale paintings called Open Heart Surgery inspired by the poetry of Anne Sexton.

In her artistic practice she works affected by her own emotions, personal experiences as well as poetry - creating a big painting diary. Through undefined, blurry shapes and colors reflecting her state of feelings she intuitively and impulsively creates series of paintings free of figurative perceptions in which you can dive into. She perceives painting as the safe space where you can immerse yourself in your own emotions. Not recognising anything familiar gives us a chance to discover what is hidden inside of us.
The process is the most important part of her artistic practice which she observes carefully, every paint stain on the floor is precious. Influenced by color field painting and abstract expressionism she developed her own visual language and technique. She is experimenting with media and pigments, creating her own paint mixtures. She rarely uses brushes, by moving the canvas she lets the painting leading itself.

She knows every shade of blue.

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(2021) "ART"EM ALL!", group show, Plenum / Gdansk, PL

(2021) "Hanging Artists Every Day", solo show, Kolonia Artystow / Gdansk, PL

(2023) "Culterim | Biesenthal - Werke aus der Sommerresidenz", group show, Culterim Gallery / Berlin, DE

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