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Agnieszka Rowińska


Agnieszka Rowińska is a painter from Poland. In 2016, she received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. In search of her identity, over the following years she traveled to numerous art residencies, which gave direction to her interests, the subject of which she deepened in her works. She has worked in Germany, Italy, Iceland and the Philippines, among others.

In the first years of her art practice, she focused on analyzing Freud’s text „the uncanny.” In the following years, deliberation evolved towards the reality that we feel more than we see, up to the need for spirituality and contact with our own subconscious. She is looking for a way to satisfy this need without using the systematized religions that are currently available in the world. Many religious practices are based on some form of prayer, repetition and visualization of one’s desires. This is the source of her inspiration when searching for contemporary spirituality - referring to tradition without religious declarations.

She is currently creating a series of paintings - prayers. She paints landscapes that come to her in a dream (subconsciously), and then she consciously adds a second layer consisting of a transparent veil created by painting many dots. The act of painting the conscious layer of the picture is very repetitive and monotonous. By creating a veil of dots, she puts herself into a meditation-like state, alluding to the repetitive nature of prayer. Each painting is assigned a different intention, which accompanies her while painting. The creative process is long enough for her to experience all the emotions that would accompany her when the intention is fulfilled. The color scheme of the paintings is very monochromatic, because she wants them to allude to dreaminess and illusion - something that is barely perceptible and difficult to grasp.

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(2019) iPazi factory / Pisa, IT

(2017) Somos gallery / Berlin, DE

(2016) New Jerusalem / Warsaw, PL

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