14.04. - 21.04.2022
Exhibition for peace and solidarity at Kaiserdamm

Exhibition text

The group of international artists is campaigning against war and aggression and for peace. As artists of different media, the group wants to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 100% of the profit goes to the purchase of essential medicines and their transport to the Children's Hospital in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. 


Evelina Reiter


Abie Franklin, Ahmad El Hamidi, Bailey Keogh, Benjamin Rückert, Björn Heyn, Christopher Krause, Daniela Villalobos Araújo, Eileen Helm, Evelina Reiter, Gabrielle Vitollo, Helena Ommert, Janine Muckermann, Jozef Chroscinski, Julian Simon, Jochen Andres Wiese, Katharina Reinsbach, Keanu Sapadi, Kevin Lüdicke, Jae August & Leo Jung, Laura Mercedes Arndt, Leyla Kampeter, Maria Serga, Marie Charlot Manzewski, Marthe Howitz, Nastia Eliseeva, Nina d'Hostel, Pascal Wild, Sona Wolf, Sofia Efremenko, Theses Efstathopoulos, Vasil Berela


Culterim Gallery | Former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg 

Kaiserdamm 102 

14057 Berlin