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Oil on PVC, steel frame,




Since it was believed that the pigeon had no bile and was therefore free from all evil and bitterness, it was a symbol of gentleness, simplicity and innocence in ancient times. Against this background, she became a sacrificial animal. The pigeon is a symbol of peace around the world, even if many city dwellers today see it as an unwanted intruder in an orderly, civilized world.
The peace seems disturbed here, but a glimmer of color preserves hope. Recent peace research no longer sees peace as just a state, but as a process. This must be characterized by the fact that it is aimed at preven- ting the use of force and reducing lack of freedom and social injustice in both domestic and interstate relations.


Studio visits possible.


Please find more information about Lars Fischer here.

'TOTE TAUBE' by Lars Fischer, 56x61 cm, 2023

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Colour: Grey
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