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Studios | Herzbergstraße | Berlin-Lichtenberg

Open call for studios.

In the thrid former workers' house in Herzbergstraße, another 17 studios for all art forms are available for at least until the end of the year. The house is located in the middle of the industrial area in Berlin Lichtenberg, right next to the Dong Xuan Center and is well connected to public transport. The studios have fixed overhead lights, daylight windows, electricity and a lockable door. 

Sanitary facilities are available in a container in front of the building. Contracts are open-ended with 2 month notice. Artists are allowed to work in the studios 24/7. 


⁃ Working condition: Private studio (sharing is possible)

⁃ Size: 

  - 14x 22sqm studio + 15sqm storage room -> 200€ rent + 50€ electricity prepayment (prices plus VAT)

  - 3x 18sqm studio + 18sqm storage room -> 200€ rent + 50€ electricity prepayment (prices plus VAT)

⁃ Studio conditions: Daylight, electricity, overhead lights, no heating

⁃ Treatment of studios: Drilling, painting, dirt allowed

⁃ Sanitary facilities: Yes (Heated sanitary container in front of the studio building)

⁃ Art forms: All

⁃ Duration: Unlimited with a notice period of 2 month

⁃ Open studio day: Yes

- Eligble to:

 - Apply for Culterim | Studio Shows

 - 25% discount on all our exhibition spaces

 - Culterim studio visits (possible inclusion in our gallery portfolio)

⁃ Required documents: CV + portfolio

⁃ Deadline: first come, first serve

⁃ Application to dennis[at]

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