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15.09. - 18.09.2022
I got you covered at Kaiserdamm

Exhibition text

The purpose of air raid shelters or cellars is to provide safe shelter for people in emergency situations. The underground vault at Kaiserdamm 102 was built after World War I and served as a shelter from Allied bombing raids during World War II. The group exhibition I Got You Covered brings together positions by 35 artists who deal with the site as well as the general concept of protection, covering, or covering. Associatively, the works touch on themes such as skin as a protective cover, the cover boy on magazines, body hair, or structures of support and support. 

The confrontations take place in both technical and thematic ways - through sculpture, painting, sound and video works, installations, and architectural interventions. Some works stand in stark contrast to the site, standing out starkly from their surroundings in color or form. Others blend almost seamlessly into the masonry, forming an extension or reinterpretation of the given space. Today, many of Berlin's former bunkers are undergoing conversion: some serve as art collections, clubs, or places of remembrance. During wartime, spaces that were supposed to be safe spaces only offered supposed safety: at the beginning of the air war, Jews were generally forbidden to enter the air-raid shelters. Even today, shelters often offer only superficial security. Some of the artists in I Got You Covered also deal with this ambivalence. 

The exhibition offers the individual works enough space to clearly distinguish themselves from one another and to take up different thematic focuses. Nevertheless, some overlaps can be detected, as all works are connected by the location and the subject matter. It is precisely this interconnectedness that the exhibition, whose title I Got You Covered hints at the interwoven relationship between artists, organizers, and curators. 

The exhibition is curated by Pola van den Hövel and Julia Meyer-Brehm. The project is organized by Raum www and the visual identity is by Daniel Hahn.


Pola van den Hövel and Julia Meyer-Brehm


Joschua Y. Arnaut * Christian August * Frauke Alina Becker * Dominika Bednarsky * Maja Behrmann * Hannah Bohnen * Sascha Brylla * Susane von Bülow * Billie Clarken * Anaïs Edely * Witalij Frese * Isabella Fürnkäs * Jane Garbert * Luki von der Gracht * Anna Grath * Daniel Hahn * Lena Valenzuela de la Hoz * Jana Jedermann * Ruppe Koselleck * Dariia Kuzmych * Minh Kha Le * Jana Mertens * Zoë C. Miller * Johannes Mundinger * Duncan Passmore * Katya Quel * Pio Rahner * Antonia Rodrian * Laura Sachs * Finja Sander * Felix Sandvoss * Laura Schawelka * Aline Schwörer * Anica Seidel * Georg Vierbuchen * Marta Vovk

Opening days

13.09. | 18-21h OPENING 

14.09. - 16.09. | 16-20h 

17.09. - 18.09. | 12-16h


Culterim Gallery | Former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg 

Kaiserdamm 102 

14057 Berlin

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