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sculpture, installation, bottles, ties, gasoline

various dimensions 



The work „Love me I‘m a liberal“ borrows its title from the Phil Ochs song of the same name. And similarly, this work also refers to the demand to hold on to social hierarchies, alienating rules and unjust power relations through hypocritically restrained behavior.

It is a call to strike, a call to the broad mass of the middle class, the middle managers of large corporations to revolt and oppose the principles of a neoliberal financial capitalism that is entering and colonizing all areas of life, with the result that physical violence, social control through the use of technology, and obfuscating discourses dominate people.

„The problem of the Capitalist system. That there‘s a moral question about whether human beings who collectively and cooperatively produce the wealth of a society are unable to participate in the decisions as to what is done with what they have produced „ (Richard D. Wolff)



Please find more information about Stefan Klein here.

'Love me I'm liberal' by Stefan Klein , various dimensions, 2022

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Farbe: Braun
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