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21.03. - 23.03.2024
Culterim | Studio Show at Culterim | Rossmann | Gesundbrunnen

Culterim | Studio Show | Herzbergstraße

21 March - 23 March, 2024 , Culterim | Gesundbrunnen | Rossmann

Opening: 21 March 2024 , 6pm

The "Culterim | Studio Show | Herzbergstraße" is the second group exhibition of a Culterim studio community. Since 2023, Culterim has been providing studios for artists in a former workers house at Herzbergstraße 125-126 in Berlin-Lichtenberg. Now a selection of the artworks created on site will be exhibited. 17 artists currently working in the studio house are showing their work in the exhibition space of the Culterim Gallery at Gesundbrunnen.

The "Studio Shows" exhibition format will be continued for the rest of the Culterim studio community and will provide an ongoing insight into the initiative's interim use projects.

With artworks by:

Amir-Nasr Kamgooyan

Anita Popovič

Dane Pollok

Daria Lou Nakov

Dasha Buben

Enno Haar

Ilja Freer Freerarts

Jac Carley

Lisa Bell Weisdorf

Lisa Wintermantel

Mar Ripoll

Mathilda Augart

Min Kim

Mina Mohseni

Sabine Kelka

Shade du Plessis

Opening days:

21 March - 6pm - 10pm

22 March - 5pm - 8pm

24 March-  2pm- 5pm


Culterim | Gesundbrunnen | Rossmann

Brunnenstraße 107, 13355, Berlin

Near S+U Gesundbrunnen

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