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Stefan Klein at Culterim | Backshop | Gesundbrunnen

Stefan Klein @ Culterim | Backshop

07 March, 2024, Culterim | Backshop

Opening: 07.03.2024 , 6pm

As part of Stefan Klein’s ongoing work series "Archiving the Universe", the collaborative soundwork "Recordings on Dust" is presented at the Culterim | Backshop, with Ben Glas joining the conversation. In an intimate meditative setting, the window front of the exhibition space is transformed into ad-hoc speakers, acting as an open invitation for listeners to tune into the world of dust particles that constantly surround us.

Dust can be seen as unleashed matter. Or also as liberated matter, because the bonds with which matter is otherwise immobilised are largely removed. Just as dust does that through its state of materiality, which denies the laws of physics and does not obey gravity lingering in the air for weeks, the sound is contained by the room, yet is open to interaction and observation by the listeners.

Opening hours:

07. March - 6pm - 10pm

With artworks by:

Stefan Klein in cooperation with Ben Glas


Culterim | Gesundbrunnen | Backshop

Brunnenstraße 107, 13355 Berlin

Near S+U Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen

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