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06.06.2024 Lena Becerra at Culterim | Backshop | Gesundbrunnen

Lena Becerra @ Culterim | Backshop 

06 June 2024, Culterim | Backshop 

Opening: 06 June 2024, 6pm

Lena Becerra is an Italo- Argentinian artist working across multiple mediums. Her surgically arranged ecosystems summon contemplation of alternative forms of social fabric in the gestational stage, where the sinister and sublime converge as part of a cyclical call for rebirth. Currently, her practice revolves around poetical approaches on a social web, in particular, to the exploration of the sensitive layers of xenofeminism. She creates hybrid organisms where the border between gender, sexuality, technology and nature are not defined, as well as notions around the sublimation of imposed structures.

Opening hours:

06 June - 6pm - 10pm


Culterim | Gesundbrunnen | Backshop Brunnenstraße 107, 13355 Berlin Near S+U Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen

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