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Lana Svirezheva


I am a German artist of Canadian-Scottish, Russian-Ukrainian/Jewish origin. After ten years of living and studying in Scandinavia, the UK, Hawai'i, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, I now work from the freiLand cultural center in Potsdam.

My artistic training spans academic techniques, art theory, as well as collaborative and interdisciplinary creative practices. In terms of imagery, I increasingly draw from memory with a focus on the physicality of people and animals. With far from photographic recollections, I draw my way to figures I saw only briefly and/or long ago, by focusing on highly individual, expressive gestures as starting points: A homeless woman massaging her foot, a boy’s double chin and toothy grin, a whippet’s slender head slipping out of its collar. Essentially, my drawings and paintings reflect on historical, social and psychological rhythms in the tradition of humanist artists such as Paul Holz.

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(2021) Pow!Wow! The First Decade, from Hawai'i to the World. Bishop Museum & Thinkspace Gallery / Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA. 

(2018) Towards an Idiorrhythmic Portraiture, Solo Show. Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh College of Art / Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 

(2018) Ages of Wonder, Scotland's Art 1540 To Now. Collected by the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture, partnership with The National Galleries of Scotland. / Scotland, UK.

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