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Schräger Winkel at Gesundbrunnen

Performance text

Celebratory founding event of the Georgian-German theater collective "Schräg Winkel"- with bilingual performance, music & drinks.

"Shasta Jaga's First Strike- Inaugural Event of the Weird Angle Theater Collective."

Somewhere between Berlin and Tbilisi, the Oblique Angle opens the door for the first time, it is not easy- and not without danger, it is said that the Oblique Angle is a portal between real and mythical world, a weightless state of in-between. Two Berlin characters, who slipped out of the mythical world years ago to live more or less adapted in Berlin, want to go back home, to the other side of the portal. To do so, they make a crooked deal with its guardian, a many-faced smuggler who demands their stories as collateral. But when the portal then opens, out step the tifliss berserkers, eager to finally take their place in reality....

...Pssst... Be careful.

Performer: Sofiko Gvimradze, Beka Khachidze, Samuel Simon, Sarah Maria Sander, Thomas Meczele // Regie: Lara Tacke & Giorgi Jamburia // Text: Vera Schindler // Stage design: Jan Schnase // Costume: Nuki Gorelishvili // Layout: Tata Murvanidze


March 3, at 8:30 p.m.


Culterim I Gesundbrunnen

Brunnenstraß 107

13355 Berlin


10,- € on a donation basis

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