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15.10. - 23.10.2022
Limbo Land. Skin-Deep Surfaces
at Kaiserdamm

Exhibition text

The bunker, rough, cold walls, a place built purely for purpose and yet so fascinating in its texture. The place literally invites you to touch its rough surface, to let your fingers glide over the unevenness. The appearance of surfaces as an aesthetic phenomenon and sensory experience is the central theme of the exhibition Limbo Land. Skin-Deep Surfaces. The artistic works break down the bunker as a place shielded from the outside world and contrast its texture with their concepts. The group exhibition features works of painting and sculpture that straddle boundaries between drawing, painterly abstraction, and sculptural works. 

The artists Roberto Cuellar, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Julius Linnenbrink, Danni Pantel and Theresa Volpp create surfaces in their own way: Relief works, epoxy resin paintings, tapestries, abstract-gestural painting, nets or object-like sculptural painting. The artworks can hardly be categorized, but embody cross-disciplinary creatures of form and hybridity. Their object-like testing of surfaces and materials creates an intense tension that is especially potentiated in dialogue with the haptic texture of the bunker. Their identities linger uncertainly, changing more permanently through the processual artistic practice. Clear definitions blur in Limbo Land.


Anne Kurr


Roberto Cuellar * Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg * Julius Linnenbrink * Danni Pantel * Theresa Volpp

Opening days

15.10. | 18-21h OPENING 

16. - 23.10. | Thu - Sun, 2-7pm


Culterim Gallery | Former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg 

Kaiserdamm 102 

14057 Berlin

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