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27.10. - 06.11.2022
Internal Clocks at Kaiserdamm

Exhibition text

Whose time zone are we in? How do we define our internal clock or rather clocks? We find ourselves in multiple time zones simultaneously traveling virtually and yet we feel as if we’re running behind time, or needing to catch up. We resist time determining our actions, but we are a part of it. Planning for a better future - a new type of survival mode? Time is calculated by screen time. Offline we recover in nature. Is this never-ending social jet lag syndrome reflecting our condition of disorientation? An internal clock can be understood as the underlying drive or cause to affect a series of outco- mes, states or events. To what extent do we live by the circadian clock synchronized with solar time? Concepts of linear and chronological time don‘t reflect interruptions and phenomenological time. 

The exhibition Internal Clocks seeks within the imagination to interpret our contemporary condition whilst offering new rhythms, rituals and traces. Multiple versions of clocks act as an operating model. Twenty-one artists working with sculpture, painting, sound, video, installation and performance, have created works each ticking within their own oscillating apparatus. Multiple versions of clocks act as models to assist in new thinking operating from a heterotopian standpoint.


Claudia Breitschmid, Annabelle von Girsewald & Samuel Haettenschweiler


Laura Aberham * Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir * Mercedes Borguńska * Claudia Breitschmid * Arnold Dreyblatt * Love Enqvist * Christoph Giesch * Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson * Giulia Hess * Donia Jornod * Pauline Julier * Hae Young Ji * Sara Masüger * Agata Mickiewicz * Masaya Ozaki * Samuel Haettenschweiler * Saemundur Thor Helgason * Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir * SumVivus * Laura Skehan * Paula Tyliszczak

Opening days

Opening 27.10. | 17-22h 

Wed-Fri, 17-21h Sat-Sun, 14-19


27.10.2022 | 17 – 22h | Opening with Performances: 19h – Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir, 20h/21h – SumVivus

29.10.2022 | 15h | Tour (Artists present) 

06.11.22 | 14 – 19h | Finissage


Culterim Gallery | Former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg 

Kaiserdamm 102 

14057 Berlin

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