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23.09. - 02.10.2022
excuse me, I’m looking for the rabbit hole at Kaiserdamm

Exhibition text

excuse me, I'm looking for the rabbit hole brings together students and graduates of the classes Valérie Favre and Mark Lammert of the Berlin University of the Arts in the bunker of the Culterim Gallery at Kaiserdamm 102. In search of their own truths, the acquired and the past, between reality and fiction and what is it all anyway? From painting to drawing and sculpture to video and spatial art, a tunnel-like web is created in which visitors lose themselves and dive deeper and deeper. 

The term falling down the rabbit hole has become a ubiquitous phenomenon. Falling down the rabbit hole means losing oneself in a flow of information, diving deeper and deeper into a topic. The initial search for a particular piece of information ends in a never-ending stream of knowledge. The term rabbit hole comes from the children's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, published in 1865. Here Alice follows the white rabbit and falls down a wondrous rabbit hole, where she wanders from one event to the next. Described here is the moment of falling.... 

But when we fall, where do we actually fall to? Whom do we follow through the darkness? What does this new world look like and where does it extend to? And what is its relationship to the actual, real world? The bunker of Kaiserdamm 102 is our rabbit hole: its inconspicuous entrance that gives no hint of what lies behind. The tunnel-like interweaving of the rooms. 

And last but not least, its function as a shelter when the outside world turns out to be a danger. If, on the other hand, the outside world is perceived as peaceful, the bunker loses its actual meaning and disappears. Then it can emerge in new contexts - like as a club that can fulfill the desire for a safe reality of its own. The bunker as a protective underground is always dependent on the situation on the surface. A world with its own social structures and truths emerges. What happens meanwhile on the surface? What information is still getting through? The metal door of the bunker entrance becomes the border between two worlds of life. Thus the bunker resembles the rabbit hole as a social place between danger and security, reality and fiction.


Fanny Dommers and Nikolas Geier


Class Valerie Favre

Nouri Almashhour * Nora Awad * Jamila Barakat * Leo Beddermann * Momo Bera Calman * Lena Valenzuela De La Hoz * Angelika Derzapf * Hannah-Sophia Eckart * Hyejin Ha * Vero Haas * Dean Alexander Hartwig * Jonas Jubitz * Hanna Kaminski * Florine Kirby * Minh Kha Le * Pia Maier * Caterina Renaux Hering * Finja Sander * Solveig Schmid * Astrid Schütter * Philipp Schwinning * Leniko Sennoma * Kaja Wandt 

Class Mark Lammert

Sara Assadi * Kira Balke * Sophia Berg * Carolin Bernhofer * Pauline Granitza * Sona Harbi * Florian Heinemann * Alá Hmedy * Annika Horn * Sarah Kuhn * Magdalena Loheide * Mathias Manglus * Nele Napiwotzki * Marina Pohl * Maike Siebels * Kiriakos Topolidis * Isabel Wittmann

Opening days

23.09. | OPENING - 02.10. | CLOSING 

Wed-Fri 4pm-7pm, Sat & Sun 2pm-7pm


Culterim Gallery | Former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg 

Kaiserdamm 102 

14057 Berlin

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