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07.04. - 10.04.2022
Culterim | Kaiserdamm #1 at Kaiserdamm

Exhibition text

Final exhibition that ends the artist-in-residence program in the living apartments at Kaiserdamm 102 in Berlin. For four months national as well as international artists worked in the otherwise unused apartments, created new connections and culturally enlivened the place. The exhibition will take place in the imposing 1400 sqm bunker of the respective building.


Marthe Howitz


Pascal Wild, Arezoo Molaei, Charles Cadic, Clara Becking, Constantin Carstens, ENNO HAAR, Erold Sommer, Fin Glaeser, Frederik Marks, Iaroslav Kusch, Jo Jakob Hübner, Johannes Thiel, Julie Legouez, Jae August & Leo Elia Jung, Luka Naujoks, Marlon Nicolaisen, onlygameintown


Culterim | Former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg 

Kaiserdamm 102 

14057 Berlin

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