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01.12. - 04.12.2022
Culterim | Dahlewitz at Kaiserdamm

Exhibition text

The Culterim Residency Program activated a vacant estate in Dahlewitz as a temporary artist residency for 6 months. The artists lived and worked in the old buildings of the estate. The final exhibition of the Dahlewitz Residency by Culterim, curated by Marthe Howitz and Fred Unruh, opens on Thursday, 01.12. at 5 pm. The 18 artists* will exhibit their newly created works in a group exhibition in the air-raid shelter at Kaiserdamm 102.


Marthe Howitz and Fred Unruh 


Agnieszka Rowinska * Daniel Spivakov * Emily Kelly * Esther Grüne * Jonathan Seungjoon Lee * Judith Prollius * Lore Dekeyser * Luca Lang * Marthe Howitz * Maya Schenk * Nina Plášková * Samuel Frömel * Sandra Woo * Sepidar Niroomand * Shulamith Weisz Quinn * Svenja Schaaf * Tiko El Outa * Tule Clow 

Opening days

01.12. - 04.12.2022 

Thu/Fri 17-21h & Sat/Sun 14-19h


01.12. Opening | 19h Performance von Lore Dekeyser 

04.12. Finissage | 15h Curators’ tour | 16h Performance by Lore Dekeyser


Culterim | Former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg 

Kaiserdamm 102 

14057 Berlin

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