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Soomin Kim at Culterim | Backshop | Gesundbrunnen

Soomin Kim @ Culterim | Backshop 

05 - 08 October 2023, Culterim | Backshop

Opening: 05 October 2023, 6:00 pm 

Culterim Gallery presents a work from an artistic position for one evening at Culterim | Backshop. We invite you to come by, have a drink and chat with us.

Soomin Kim paints pictures that are the result of observing and representing the world that is visible to us. Small observations of the everyday, which at the same time reflect the observation itself. With the main motif of the human figure, she stages the scene according to her own interest in the composition of the picture. 

The innovative way she uses classical oil paint gives her work a unique dynamism and a ductus, a dichotomy of materials that emphasise the timelessness of her leitmotifs.

Opening hours:

05 October - 18:00 - 22:00

06 October - View through shop windows 

07 October - View through shop windows 

08 October - View through shop windows 


Culterim | Gesundbrunnen | Backshop

Brunnenstraße 107, 13355 Berlin

Near S+U Gesundbrunnen station

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