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Nora Awad


Originally, I am from Vienna, Austria but I moved to Berlin for my studies a couple of years ago. I study Fine Arts and Philosophy & Ethics in Berlin, Germany. A central theme in my current work are the translations of dreamlike states into writing, sketches and most of the times paintings and drawings. I paint very intuitively, associating different emotions and experiences with specific colours and shapes. I am especially fascinated by phenomena that blur the line between waking and dreaming: Delirium, conscious, unconsciousness, lucid dreams, hallucinations, hypnagogic images that appear in those moments just before falling asleep.

The transition between real and imagined becomes subtle, sometimes barely noticeable. They are a visual expression of lived experiences and subconscious processing that I try to capture in my work. As abstract all these things and states seem like, as abstract is my translation. Most often they are strongly connected to nature and places that have deeply moved me. There are also different kind of tales and myths about these topics and they are also part of my research. Nearly all of them have a strong connection to different states of consciousnesses. I think it ́s also very interesting that many myths and legends may have a kernel of truth. So where did the state of truth left for imagination? What is real? What is truth? Is there truth? What is reality? Where starts and ends real life? When we wake up? Can we find the answer in our conscious or unconsciousness?

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Painting | drawing | photography

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(2021) group exhibition „no fear in trying“ / Long Island City, New York, US

(2022) group exhibition „zirkus“ at Galerie Griesebach / Berlin, DE

(2022) group exhibition „a thin line“ sa · kura aua Gallery / Nagoya, JP

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