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Nina Plášková


Nina Plášková (*1997, Brno, Czech Republic) obstinately creates archaic, mythical and fairy-tale scenarios based on her own and others‘ experiences and memories, as well as observations of her social environment. The alpmar, daydreams, dream diaries and drawing spaces appear from the subconscious. Nina's comic-like characters are inspired by the beauty, gestures and facial expressions of unborn, physically ill children. they reflect a new approach to the medium of portraiture and to a poetic exploration of bodypositivity. Different materials such as bronze, sugar, natural polyurethane rubber, stone and paper are intuitively processed by Nina into objects and humorously bizarre installations. Her largescale drawings with wood varnish and wood glaze on paper form a meditatively repetitive and raportlike counterpoint to her smaller sculptures.

The artist draws from and expropriates historical material for personal purposes. She finds inspiration during her visits to natural, medical history and archaeological museums and feeds from the reservoirs of black romanticism. The traces of the childlike self are relentlessly brought to light, critically minimizing and breaking through the selfoptimization mania of our time. The unknown, incomprehensible, which almost no longer exists today, the artist brings back to the surface with her drawings. Plášková is currently living and working between Berlin, Germany and Lucerne, Switzerland.

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Sculptures | drawing | painting | installations

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(2022) “DESSIN”, Galerie Vitrine / Lucerne, CH

(2022) "museum FLUXUS+studis" FLUXUS Museum / Potsdam, DE

(2022) “Asynchronicity of Now. Retracing the present.”, an exhibition by K/eIN collective, Galerie Bernau / Bernau, DE

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