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Julie Legouez


I see life, the "real moment" as art and my artworks as documentation of these moments. Seen in this way, my life, everyday life, is the performance, my works of art are its relic. Every feeling, every thought and every question, whether relevant or irrelevant, matters to me. I collect and keep them. Everything is equally important.

My work is mostly based on my texts, the respective medium adapts to the content. There are handwritten messages, typewritten texts,
captured excerpts from my diary, videos, as well as paintings, installations and performances.

In my work, I carry out several investigations into the most diverse forms of love: the unrequited, unhappy or failed relationships, as well as large and small crushes. So I put myself at the center of it all
Consideration, as a representative, so to speak. Regardless of possible embarrassment, I let the viewer participate in my most intimate thoughts, feelings and experiences. The viewers can remember their private love stories and dramas and identify with me.

In Fragments of a Language of Love, Roland Barthes writes that the discourse of love today is extremely lonely. This discourse is probably led by thousands, but defended by no one. I take on this task in my artistic work.

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Painting | Installation

Solo shows

Group shows

Most important shows


​around 50

(​2022) MMIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach / Mönchengladbach, DE

(2020) KINDL Berlin / Berlin, DE

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